collecable firearms
collecable firearms

Welcome to American Arms & Antiques.

We are Randy and Annette Jones. Our goal is simple: To make quality collectible firearms available to you at affordable prices. Mostly, we will present older Winchesters and Colts. You will find our focus is from the Civil War to the "real cowboy era". On occasion you will find other offerings as well.

We represent our collectibles as accurately as possible. Questions are always welcome. Simply stated, WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY. We know you work hard for what is yours and don't want to be disappointed with your investment. A three-day look is always honored. Annette and I want you to visit us often.

Please check back with us whenever possible. If the past is any indication of the future, our inventory will continue to turn over quickly. Quality collectible firearms at affordable prices are getting harder to find. Through our many contacts and numerous gun shows we attend, we are able to bring fine collectibles to you.

We are not gunsmiths. These firearms are sold as collectibles only. No matter how good they look, you should still have a competent gunsmith check these out. No liability is implied or expressed in any way. We do not recommend firing any of the collectible firearms offered on this site.

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