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$fair for all concerned
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For those of you who like gun shows with no "junk", you would have enjoyed attending the Indian Territory Antique & Collector Arms Show in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Not a single black gun made an appearance. Wes and Matt did a great job. This is only their second Indian Territory show. I predict a bright future for them in their gun show endeavor. A good contingent from the Texas Gun Collector Association attended. For those of you familiar with this group, you know their presence means some very nice antique and collector firearms will tag along. This show was no exception. I saw two very nice Henry rifles sell. Also saw three 1866 Winchesters sell. One of my favorites to sell was a very historical and very well documented Oklahoma Territory SAA. A number of Colt pistols and Winchester rifles sold. Among the rifles which sold, two 1886s 50 Express. You can attend a lot of "big" shows and not see two 50 Expresses. A special thanks to Roger and Laura Muckerheide. They set up an exquisite display of engraved American cartridge pistols. It alone was worth the trip to Oklahoma. I think you should jump on the bandwagon for this show. It is only going to grow and get better. I am very glad Annette and I were able to attend. We will be back for more.
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