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$Can't Put A Price On Satisfaction
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Several weeks ago I was reading the Colt Forum and they were talking about ivory grips. One of the companies mentioned was Boone Trading Company. I had been wanting some nice ivories for one of my Colt 1908 .380s so I gave them a call. My grips were ordered on the spot. Decided I wanted the best ivory offered. When my grips arrived, I was not overly impressed. The screw went in from the right side and the ivory didn't show much grain. You can say I wasn't very happy. My call was placed and it was anwered by the aswering machine. This story has a happy ending. My call was returned by David. He wanted to know why I wasn't pleased. His response, send the grips back and we will start over. My new grips arrived within a week or so. The grain was wonderful and the color was beautiful. I will assure you if I decide I want another set of ivories for one of my pistols, they will come from Boone Trading Company. Here is a link to their website.
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