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The second weekend of October took Annette and me to Waco, Tx. for one of our favorite gunshows. It's not very big, but it is very good. Tucker Hall is a very nice facility and Tim and Ashley Tucker are great host. THE LONE STAR ANTIQUE ARMS CONVENTION was fun. We set up and got started Friday morning. Saturday night brought about one of the highlights, a great big Texas Barbecue. All the barbecue ribs and chicken you could eat. It was a feast of great proportion. Quality over quantity would sum up this show. Colt SAA #356 made an appearance. I saw a Henry sell for a good price. Watched three 66 Winchesters sell. Also saw an engraved SAA sell two times. I was able to sell a few and buy a few. I know one dealer sold 30 pieces and another sold over 20. One of my friends purchased 22 pistols, another purchased 12 and another 10. Great activity for a small show. Would be willing to bet, this is one of the premier small shows in the country. It has the capacity to grow to 120 tables. When it does, it will be the best 120 table show in the country. Did I mention the barbecue?
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