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AGCCC Little Rock September 2012
Item ID #530

These pictures are from our semi-annual Arkansas Gun and Cartridge Collector Show, held at the Hall of Industry, Arkansas State Fair Grounds. The weather was spectacular and many other opportunities were available in the state for gun show attendees. Four gun shows were being held simultaneously across the state. The Memphis Flea Market was being held. The Arkansas Razorbacks were in town for a game at War Memorial Stadium.

A THOMPSON SUB-MACHINE GUN made a special appearance at the show. This Colt was in outstanding condition as were all the accessories that accompanied the gun. Needless to say, the Thompson display won best of show in the Long Gun division, by a landslide. Thanks (name withheld) for your time and effort in creating this fine display of American history.

Thanks to MR. L for another very fine display of American History. Your display of HISTORICAL COLTS was outstanding and deserving of the first place award in the pistol category. I especially enjoyed seeing the pistol which belonged to former Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson. Joaquin Jackson could be a poster child for everything American. The obsolete badge collection was very interesting as well.

For those of you interested in cartridge collecting, there was a special treat for you. K.L. provided an excellent display of WINCHESTER CARTRDGE BOXES AND COLOR CODING. This display showed the correlation between the caliber and the color of the label on the box. It encompassed the years between 1880 and the 1930s. This display was awarded first place in the cartridge category.

These displays were outstanding. I am challenged photographically speaking. My picture did not in any way capture the quality of these fine displays. You can travel around the country and not see any displays as good as our three winners. When is the last time you saw a Thompson Sub-Machine Gun in person? Ever? When is the last time you saw a fine Colt Single Action which belonged to a real Texas Ranger? How many two-piece Winchester Color Coded cartridge boxes have you ever seen? We had it all right here at home, in Little Rock.
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