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Waco Gunshow @ Tucker Hall April 2012
Item ID #470

This was a small antique / currio & relic gunshow that took place in Waco, Tx April 27 & 28. It was a very good show with 50 tables of quality guns. No 'black" guns were allowed. I saw many high condition Colt SAAs. Saw one trade for mid five figures. It was factory engraved and in wonderful condition. Probably the best Merwin Hulbert I have seen also sold for five figures +. It was a beauty and looked like new. I sold some and bought some. I did buy the very best Lemon Squeezer I have ever seen. It came with a perfect ostrich purse. Forgot to take pictures of our barbecue. Nothing like good Texas barbecue to add to the fun. This was a great show with lots of great guns!
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