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1/2 Stock Rifle William Turk
Item ID #2192

Bore in the 36" .40 caliber barrel has very strong lands and grooves. It is dark, but should clean up nicely. I did run a brush through it and found no issues at all. It will make a straight shooter if you are so inclined. This is the first barrel I have seen made this way. It is octagon to the end of the stock and then transitions to a 14 sided barrel, very unique. The transition is very well done. The wood is really nice and original. The figure in the wood is original and was not done artificially. The inlays are excellent. The maker took a lot of time on this 1/2 stock rifle. You can tell he had a lot of pride. Wood to metal fit is very nice. The action is from Josh Golcher. He comes from a very well known family of gunsmiths with strong roots in Pennsylvania. The action works perfectly. It works a little differently from some actions. The trigger must be set before cocking. The set trigger works perfectly. The rifle maker is William Turk. He was in Ohio from 1832 to 1847. From Ohio he went to Greencastle, Indiana in the 1850's. In the 1860's he was in Columbia, Missouri. Take a good look at the numerous pictures. They show the pride in workmanship that went into this half-stock rifle. It will make a very nice and inexpensive addition to your collection.
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