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These were made by A.H. Waters Company of Milbury, Massachusetts. They were made from 1855-1856. Less than an estimated 1500 were made. 1200 were known to have been sold to the U.S. This carbine is .54 caliber with a 22 1/2" barrel. Bore is bright and shiny with strong lands and grooves. It will rate an easy seven, if not better on a one to ten scale. Wood to metal fit is excellent. Wood is in very nice condition. All the markings are complete, clear, and original. There is a cartouche above the sling ring. Nice finish remains on the barrel. Metal is smooth. Action is smooth and tight. It works perfectly. This Monkey Tail Carbine is nicer than many you will see. It will make a great addition to your collection. I have taken a lot of pictures which clearly and fairly shows the condition of this Joslyn carbine.
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