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Savage 1915 380 High Condition
Item ID #2177

This is a nice pistol. It is a Savage Model 1915. Caliber is the hard to find .380. Years of manufacture are 1915 and 1916. According to Bailey Brower's book, only 3900 were made in 380. This makes it a lot more rare than the early 1908 barrel bushing 380s from colt. These early Savage pistols do not have a hammer. They have a cocking mechanism which in this model is hidden. The 1915 also has a slide which locks open when the last cartridge is fired. This pistol is complete and original. All markings are clear and original. A very high percentage of the original bright blue finish remains. The magazine is original for the model 1915. Bore is shiny with very good lands and grooves. It will rate an easy seven on a one to ten scale. Grips are excellent with no cracks or chips. This pistol is much better than any other I have seen. If you want the best available, here it is. It will make a great addition to any collection. As I tell a lot of people, find a better one. My price on this Savage 1915 380 is firm. I don't mind adding it to my collection. It is that nice!
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