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Have not seen one like this before. As you can see in the pictures, the stock drops 1 1/2" more than a standard stock. Have not seen a stock with extra drop on a Model 1890. The second unique characteristic is the US/Ordnance Bomb on the receiver. Have not seen this either. I did find out this Model 1890 is on DCM, which means it was a US owned rifle. The last feature is the custom forearm. It is very well done. The bore is bright and shiny with excellent lands and grooves. It will rate an eight on a one to ten scale. All markings are clear. Frame to barrel fit is tight. Wood to metal fit is excellent. Action is smooth and tight. It works perfectly. Nice original blue remains on the metal. The bluing is much nicer than indicated in the pictures. Year of manufacture is 1919. Caliber is 22 short. For those of you who enjoy owning unique items, this Model 1890 is for you. It will make a very interesting addition to any collection.
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