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NRA Convention Dallas 2018
$more memories
Item ID #2102

Annette and I were sitting at home Tuesday before the NRA Convention in Dallas and decided we might as well go. After all Dallas is only around five hours from home. I didn't take many pictures, wish I would have. It was a great time, few protesters, and a nice friendly crowd. I aspire to buy a big giant safe and fill it with what I like. The one pictured would work, but I would need to re-inforce my slab. Saw several custom items with motors. I am a nascar fan so I enjoyed seeing the Bass Pro and the Cabela's cars. I did take a picture of a small Henry display at the Morphy auction booth. Those three would go a long long way toward my retirement. Oh well. Met a guy with the biggest mustache I have seen. Couldn't resist taking his picture for my website. Also met some poor guy wanting to look like me, so he said. And the last picture is Annette, me, and Chase. He is the son of a friend from Florida we just happened to see. The number of friends we ran into at the convention was surprising. Especially considering how big the convention was. I encourage everyone, if able, to attend a NRA Convention. We hope to attend some more along the way.
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