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FAKE colt 1903 box
$not priced it will go with a pistol
Item ID #1997

This is a reproduction Colt box sold by blovit on ebay. He is called vikrant on Gunbroker. His name is Dennis Mills and he is from Sparta, Tn. He has changed his description over the years. These used to be advertised as new old stock. Now he refers to them as very rare or vintage. Not very rare when you have at least 10 examples of most any box you want. I have purchased no less than 10 guns in one of the boxes sold by this man. The sellers I have dealt with bought the pistols and were told the boxes were original. The ones I've had were either Python or Colt Models 1903 or 1908. All the fake boxes I've had have now been marked as reproductions. The .32 and .380 boxes are marked reproduction on the bottom inside label. The Python boxes have been marked on the label. The only one I currently have is a box made for a 1903.
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