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Item ID #1952

You don't these very often. This Charleville Model 1766 Revolutionary War Musket is double surcharged. You will see both in the pictures. One on the lock and the other on the barrel. Guaranteed to be 100% authentic. These muskets are long. It is roughly 59 1/2" long with a barrel that is around 45" long. As you would expect it does show a lot of use. On the lock you can clearly see the US. CHARLEVILLE is complete on the lock, but thin. Action works properly, but the hammer spring is weak. Wood to metal fit is pretty good with loss around the butt plate as shown. You can easily see the US on the barrel. This Charleville musket represents a valuable piece of our American history. I have taken a lot of pictures which clearly and accurately represent the condition of this musket. It will make a great addition to any collection.
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