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FAST HOLSTER Something I like a lot You will too!
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Item ID #1932

FAST Holster...Firearm Access System Technologies
Put your gun where you want it,
So you can get your gun when you need it.

I saw their display at the Wanenmacher gun show in Tulsa. The mount is a strong magnet used to hold your favorite pistol. There are many applications with virtually no limit on where they can be mounted. Any where you want to have your weapon, you can mount your FAST HOLSTER. They also make one with magnets strong enough to hold your favorite rifle or shotgun. I just finished mounting a Fast Holster for a pistol under my desk. I cut a spacer from a piece of wood for a little bit more separation from the bottom of the desk to my pistol. It will make access to the pistol just a bit easier. In the pictures you will see a smaller 9mm and a Colt 1911 .45. The FAST HOLSTER has no problem supporting the larger frame 1911 .45 with a loaded magazine. The last picture shows the 9mm and a loaded spare magazine mounted under my desk. Could have used a prettier pistol, but the one shown is the one I keep close. The magnets are coated and will not damage the finish. I have no financial interest in this company. When I saw the Fast Holster I knew it was something I wanted. The owners have graciously allowed me to put a link to their company on my website. I will also be adding a Fast Holster to each of my vehicles.
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