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$friendship and memories
Item ID #1874

Annette and I first met Bill and Laura around 13 years ago. Annette had actually met Laura before I met Bill. They met at a show in Louisville. There was a gun show wife thing in common. Bill Sisney was one of the finest men I ever met. His memory was extraordinary. I never called him unless I had at least an hour to visit. The stories and jokes were endless. Bill and Laura lived in Clinton, Mo. One of Bill's best friends was the pastor at their church. At Bill's funeral he told this story. As you all know a pastor's time is not his own. He is on call 24/7. The pastor and Bill loved to fish, but inevitably, every time a fishing trip was planned, the pastor was called to duty. Bill came up with a plan. He named the fishing boat "VISITATION". Now whenever someone needed the pastor, they could be told he was on "VISITATION". I think the Good Lord could even live with that one. After all he was fisherman as well.
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