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Colt Show
$It's A Deal
Item ID #1857

This was a super nice show. Great facility and great people. Many won't attend the Colt show because of preconceived perception. From my experience, the excuses I've heard are flat out wrong. No one at this show cares what you have or how much you have. It is THE friendliest and most relaxed show Annette and I attend. St. Charles was a nice town to visit. The crowd, both dealers and visitors, was off. I think it had to do with the situation going on in Ferguson, Missouri. Even without the normal numbers, it was a very good show. We had a great time and saw some super nice Colts. Best part of the show was the people. Everyone was glad to see each other and have a chance for a good visit. We had a great time getting to know some friends better and meeting new ones. If you have never attended a Colt show, do yourself and favor and join in. You will be glad you did. Did I mention this is THE friendliest and most laid back show we attend? Oh Yea, I already did.
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