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Louisville gun show September 2017
$Good times are not for sale
Item ID #1845

Good show. We make it to Louisville four times a year. Our group has been setting up together around ten years. We come from Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Georgia, and several points in between. We have a good time and enjoy each others company. We all a level of trust which helps out tremendously. Ron offered us an end cap up front, but Annette would kill me if we left Keith and Ruth. They have become very good friends. They have been to Arkansas for a visit and we have been to Florida to see them. While in Florida we did a very good show in Lakeland. It is a small show, but very very good. Joe Scarpa and Greg Zicardi are the promoters. I found one of my all time favorite pieces there. Walked in and started talking to one of the table holders. He asked where we were from and I told him Arkansas. He told me he had a gun I would want, would bring it the next day. It was a factory engraved and inscribed Colt Model 1855 Root pistol with one piece super nice ivories. It had belonged to a very prominent Arkansas Civil War soldier whose family had helped settle Arkansas and whose father helped write our state constitution. They had moved to Arkansas in 1819. We became a state in 1836, the same year Texas declared their independence. Guess I have strayed from the subject show. If you get a chance go to Louisville. It is a good show and a fun city to visit. Trust me! I know I got off subject, but it is my website so I can if I want. In Lakeland they had a display contest. I took a display and had no idea there was a contest. I WON!!! YEA!!! I even got a trophy.
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