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Colt 1908 380 Police Department of New York
Item ID #1840

Picked this pistol up at a small show in Shawnee, Oklahoma. It is the Indian Territory Antique and Collector Arms Show. This is a growing show. It is not dying as many shows are today. They grew by about 50 tables this year and probably will do so again next year. Total tables this year was just short of 200. Only collectible guns were allowed on the tables. There will come a day when you will not be able to get a table to this show due to the demand. Hide and watch. Oh well, back to my pistol. These Colt 1908 .380's were purchased by the Police Department of New York in 1913 and 1914. I think the total was 821. They saw heavy use and are usually not found in mint condition. This one is no exception. It has seen use and is all original right down to the screws. Putting this one away for now.
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