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Weekend in Kansas City Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association 1908 25 and 380
$ nfs
Item ID #1816

My wife and I attended the Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association show in Kansas City over the weekend. Crowd was ok for a summer show. Sales were ok. Lots of very nice collectible arms were available. Made two significant mistakes by not buying when the opportunity was there. Walked away from two good deals only to return too late. Have done it before and probably will do again. Rats!!! Would like to say I finally learned a lesson, but probably not. I was able to grow up and make a decision on some hammerless autos. Got four of them. Here is a picture of three. Forgot to include the other one which is a 1908 .380 nickel with pearls, 1928. The top one in the picture is a 1908 .380 barrel bushing pistol made in 1910. Bottom left is blue with pearls 1914. Bottom right is nickel with pearls 1915. Sorry about the pictures. Running low on time today.
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