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Item ID #1794

Serial number of this 1860 Spencer rifle falls right in the range of the Spencer's issued to Wilder's Lightning Brigade, the 72nd Indiana. Very interesting history. Notice the wear pattern on the forearm. It is typical of the wear found on most of the Lightning Brigade Spencer's. Serial number is 6536. Bore in the 30" barrel has very good lands and grooves, along with some pitting. It will rate a six on a one to ten scale. Action works perfectly and is tight. The tube is correct and complete. Notice the repair to the stock, on the right side, as shown in the pictures. Doesn't hurt the integrity of the stock. Traces of original finish remains on the metal. I did my best to show the wear on the stock, especially toward the muzzle. The slings used by Wilder's Lightning Brigade attached to the stock with a loop. Just forward of the last barrel band you can clearly see the wear, which is common for these. Very interesting piece. It will make a great addition to any collection. I have taken a lot of pictures which clearly and fairly show the condition of this 1860 Spencer rifle.
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