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Item ID #1788

Triplett & Scott Civil War Cavalry Breech Loading and Auto Ejecting Repeating Carbine. It does have the KENTUCKY on the receiver. Only around 3000 of the 30" carbines were produced. Caliber is 50 rim fire. They were manufacture from 1864-1865, by Meriden Manufacturing Company. Interesting note, Charles Parker was the co-founder of the company. He was also the Charles Parker who later became very well known for his Parker shotguns. Bore in the 30" barrel is shiny with good lands and grooves, along with some pitting. It will rate about a strong six on a one to ten scale. Action works perfectly. The cover on the magazine tube does not always close after the barrel has been rotated back into firing position. There is the very well known crack in the stock due to the placement of the magazine tube. It is clearly and fairly represented in the pictures.
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