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Item ID #1757

Overall length of the bench rifle is about 48 3/4". Barrel is about 32 1/2". Muzzle measures 1 1/4". Wood to metal fit is very good. Wood is in nice condition. The only thing I found in terms of damage is at the end cap where there is a crack which runs about about 2" on either side. The areas are shown in the pictures. Not an issue with the integrity of the stock. One of the pictures shows the hammer in half-cock. It will not hold when cocked to full. Lock is marked A.W. Spies. He was a mid 19th century gun dealer in NY. What stands out most with this rifle is the long tube sight. Please take note of the damage to the side of the sight at the muzzle. I have added pictures showing the area clearly. This rifle will make a fun shooter for those who are inclined to shoot early muzzle loaders. Tube sights are fun to use. You will like this bench rifle. They are seldom seen and are fun. It will make a great addition to your collection.
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