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This FN Browning Hi Power is an early commercial version, probably made in 1939. Export sales by manufactures took place prior to the start of the war on September 1, 1939. After that time sales were limited to qualified buyers in Germany and the occupied areas. Dealers such as Gustav Genschow (GECO) and Albrecht Kind (AKAH) handled most of the sales. It is a high condition piece and all original. A very high percentage of the original finish remains. The only wear is on the high edges and a couple of scratches on the trigger guard. Markings are clear, correct, and original. Bore is excellent in the 9mm barrel. It will rate a nine on a one to ten scale. Action is smooth and tight. You will find the standard Belgium proof marks. On the left front of the trigger guard is a big G with the initials ECO inside. GECO was a Nazi supplier during the war. An original magazine is also included. This Hi Power will make a very nice addition to any collection. I have taken a lot of pictures which clearly and fairly show the condition of this pistol.
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