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Ok, I messed up. Should have asked for more pictures. Should have asked more questions. Should buy the gun and not the box. Problem is, I am a real sucker for a Colt housed in it's original home. From the pictures I could tell the box was not in the best shape. However I did expect all pieces to be attached. The end with the end label was not in the package. I had to call the seller and ask for the label end. My unhappiness was politely conveyed to the seller the day the package arrived. I asked for some money back or I wanted to return the package. Long story short, he had already paid his consignor. I did receive a $100 check, which I have yet to cash. The description of the box from the listing is below with the pictures.

"Comes with ORIGINAL BOX which is looking its age but has the correct SN on the bottom" That is the complete description of the box from the listing. I know it looks rough and I know I should have asked more questions, but I thought it was still together and not in pieces.

Today at 12:46 PM

Below is what I received. Seller was nice enough to mail me the end label for the box.
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