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Interesting pistol. It is a Norinco M 93 Sportsman. These were imported for a very short time from China by Interarms. It has been a long time since I have read about the importing and why we couldn't get more M 93's into the U.S. If memory serves me correctly, the Clinton administration stopped these from being imported into the U.S. It is a copy of the 1st Series Woodsman Sport. Caliber is .22 long rifle. I have not shot it, but is my understanding they work pretty well. The biggest complaint was the trigger. As you can see this one is in near new condition. I bought it a long time ago in a Woodsman collection. It was so nice, though inexpensive, I just decided to hang onto it. Something about high condition in a box. On the box it says 1000 round test gun. (I have no idea)
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