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Item ID #1467

This is probably the finest 1892 44/40 carbine any of us have seen. Year of manufacture is 1915. Guaranteed to be 100% correct and original. It is a flat out 99% gun. Just a couple of small dings to the wood and a scratch or two on the metal. Bore in the 20" barrel is flawless. Some wear on the butt plate and wear from the saddle ring is it. All markings are clear, correct, and original. Notice the wood to metal fit. It is perfect. Also notice the crisp edges on stock. Screws are untouched. As you should expect the action is smooth and tight. I could go on and on about the condition, but you can tell from the pictures what I am talking about. If you are looking to add one of the very best examples of a Winchester 1892 44/40 carbine to your collection, here you go. This is the finest I have seen.
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