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Item ID #1337

This is a very unique item. It is a Hollifield Dotter. These were used for indoor target practice and to help a shooter familiarize themselves with the 1911 .45 caliber pistol. Years of manufacture is from 1907-1920. In 1918 the Ordnance Department let a contract for 2,200 of these sets to be used for indoor target practice, presumably in the barracks. The original box is in very good condition. It is complete with the label on the box. Also the instructions will be found on inside of the lid. In the pictures you will notice the holes in the box. This was for mounting to the unit to the wall. The brass tube is spring loaded. The non-fluted end was placed in the barrel all the way in where the firing pin would strike a spring loaded pointed shaft. The point would then strike the target when the trigger was pulled. Extra targets are included with the package. This is the first one I have seen. It will make a very nice addition for the 1911 .45 collector.
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