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Annette and I had a great time attending the TGCA show in Waco. Saw a lot of friends and made some new ones. The couple pictured is Guy and Kate Curtis. Guy is one of the young guys our hobby/profession needs in the worst way. They have two young boys who are ALL boy. Kate is "retired" to the home. She has become an expert marketer of gun parts and accessories on the internet and since "retirement" works much harder than her husband, which is normal in most cases. As usual, we sold some and bought some. I am especially proud of finding a three digit Colt 1908 .380 barrel bushing pistol which letters to Butte, Montana. Also got a third series 1908 .380 with pearls. Happy to add both to my Colt model M collection. One other item I purchased is a Century Arms Model C 93 pistol. Unfortunately I know nothing about these, but plan to learn a little. It is signed by Ted Nugent a Waco resident by way of Michigan. I appreciate Ted a lot. As you know, he leans very hard to the right. He has the ear of a lot of people and is not afraid to speak his mind, unlike many in his profession. I just wonder how many entertainers on the left would speak openly if they were not embraced by the left wing media??? My thanks goes out to Scott Franks, his son Sam, and the rest of the A&S auction group for making us feel welcome in their facility. Scott is kind enough to host the Spring show for the TGCA. It is a fine facility. For those of you who enjoy auctions, I recommend A&S. A&S still does not charge an in-house buyers premium. Some of my very best deals have come from this auction house. Scott and the rest of the crew are straight up and good people. Please take note of the collectibles on the wall in my first picture. Wish I would have taken more pictures early in the show so you could have seen all of his offerings. Jan has some of the best items for collectors I have seen. His display is remarkable. He is one of the hardest workers I have had the pleasure to watch. Thank goodness I just have to watch. Glad I don't have to keep up with him. FYI, don't shake his hand if you don't like a real good eye to eye firm handshake. Some very nice and high quality firearms will be in next A&S auction which will be held July 16 & 17. Here is a link to their site. Do yourself a favor and go to Waco. A visit to the Texas Ranger Museum will make your trip worthwhile. Since this is my website I can freely make suggestions. My recommendation is take some time off and go to Waco. On Friday you can preview the auction and then head over to the Texas Ranger Museum. On Saturday and Sunday attend the auction. Next thing I would do is head on down to the Texas Hill Country. If you have not been there, go.
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