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This show was held in Lakeland-Lake Mirror, Florida. The location was very nice as you will see in the pictures. I am guessing table count was around 120. No modern guns "black guns" were allowed. No T-shirts, no costume jewelry, etc. etc. etc. It was a true gun show. Our first Florida gun show was a success. Bought some and sold some. My best purchase was a Colt Model 1855 "Root" revolver. It is factory engraved and inscribed. The former owner was a Confederate officer from Arkansas. His home was about an hour from mine. Go figure, had to go all the way to Florida to find me an Arkansas gun. We had a great time. Greg and Joe did a great job with their show. Their wives did a super job with the food. Lots of antique guns to see and purchase. Saw a lot of people walk in with guns and leave with their pockets full of cash.

Annette and I stayed with our friends Keith and Ruth. We met Keith twelve years ago when we set up at our first show in Louisville, Ky. They showed us a great time. One day we went to the Atlantic coast for lunch with one of Keith's friends. After lunch his friend was kind enough to take us to his home to view his collection. For a lack of better words, it was fabulous. The collection contained many guns, edged weapons, and lots of other collectibles.

As with most good things, time was just too short. If you get a chance, I highly recommend a visit to the Florida Arms and Sportsman show. You will be impressed with the quality and quantity of the arms available. How nice it was to not see one black gun or a single non gun related item for sale.
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