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Item ID #1249

This is an interesting British proofed 1903 .32 caliber pistol. British proofs will be found on the barrel, frame, and slide. The slide and the frame have both early and later style proofs. Barrel has only later style proofs. While viewing the pictures I found JJ stamped on the frame. It is just above the front of the trigger guard on the right side. Several British proofed Woodsman I have also have the JJ stamp. Bore is bright and shiny. It will rate an eight on a one to ten scale. Action is smooth and tight. Slide will not stay back when slide stop is engaged. Markings are complete and easy to see. Grips are excellent with no cracks or chips. Magazine is correct. Round top, crimped base, CAL . 32 / COLT, and not a two-tone.
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