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For those of you who are tired of gun shows overloaded with "black guns", this is the show for you. Each show has been better than the last. Matt and Wes, along with their wives, have worked really hard and have done a great job putting this one together. Offerings ranged from early flint locks to post WW2. Some beautiful artwork and sculpture by the famous Texas artist Jose Ruiz Grandee was on display and available for sale. Grandee was the first official state artist for the state of Texas. Also on display and for sale were offerings from the Coble Highland Ranch & Exotics. The quality of work and the prices for exotic mounts are unbeatable. I did see many exotic mounts exiting the door. One of my favorite displays was for ammo. It included many rare and collectible display cases along with many boxes of collectible ammunition. Many other collectibles were available throughout the show. I saw the nicest collection of Oklahoma and Indian Territory Colt Single Actions I have ever seen. This single action display alone was worth the trip from Arkansas to Shawnee, Oklahoma. A number of Henry rifles were offered, including several which were factory engraved. Many other nice antique weapons were available, including ones from the Civil War, Winchester 1866, 1873, 1892, and 1894. Many high condition of varies makes and models were present and available for sale. The list is too long to include everything. Do yourself a favor and plan on attending next years show. If past history proves true, the next one will be even better than the last.
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