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COLT 1911 MADE 1919
Item ID #1109

This is an interesting pistol. On the right side of the slide there is an S within a circle. It is the mark of R.F. Sedgley. These Sedgley marked 1911 Pistols are very rare and, except for 1911 Pistols that are serial number identified as having been issued to the Marine Corps, are considered to be the only definitive way to identify a WWII Marine Corps issued 1911. Many Marine Corps 1911 Pistols were rebuilt before and during WWII, but only Sedgley marked their Marine Corps rebuilds with the distinctive circle, "S" stamp on the right, rear of the slide. R. F. Sedgley, Inc. was founded by Reginald F. Sedgley who was a prolific inventor who began his career by producing ratchet wrenches and socket-related tools. The Sedgley Company was established in Philadelphia in 1917. Sedgley's factory was located close to the US Marine Corps Supply Depot in Philadelphia and a close relationship was developed between Sedgley and Marine Corps Ordnance Officers and Armorers. Sedgley-marked "USMC" barrels dated in 1941 or the 1st half of 1942 on Springfield or Rock Island 1903s with certain other indicators are one of the most sought after WWII weapons because of the probable Marine Corps association. Sedgley marked 1911 Pistols are even more scarce and are almost definitively Marine Corps issued because Sedgley only rebuilt 1911 Pistols for the Marine Corps. Condition will rate 99%. Bore is bright and shiny and rates an easy eight. All numbers and letters are clear and easy to see. Action is tight and smooth. Stocks are excellent and show little use. It was originally shipped to Springfield Armory.
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