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Little Rock Gun Show February 2015
Item ID #1055

Our Arkansas Gun and Cartridge Collector show was held this weekend. We had a nice turnout. Several new dealers were present. It was nice to meet new people and see new things. I did a display of pre-war Colt Woodsman. On the top row were the target models. This row included a Pre-Woodsman from 1915. The second one is a Target Model with medium barrel from 1930. This pistol has JJ Proofs and British Proofs. And lastly a Target Model with a tapered barrel from 1940. On the second row were the Sporting Models. The first one has a half moon sight and a medium barrel, 1933. The second one comes with a fixed sight and tapered barrel, 1941. The last one is a Sporting Model with an adjustable sight and tapered barrel, 1941. The bottom row consist of a Woodsman Match Target with Elephant Ear Grips from 1941. As you will notice in the pictures, the description next to each pistol in the top two rows do not match up with the correct pistol. I had taken most of the display down and was asked to put it back up for some picture taking. Didn't notice my mistake until I returned home. Sorry for the mistake. It is not the most professional presentation, but it was the best I could do in the hour and a half I had to spend in preparation. And yes, the handsome guy with grey hair and the long whiskers is ME.
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